Heritage Trails

Cattleman, Oilman, Civic Leader Samuel Burk Burnett (1849-1922)
East side of Main between 4th & 5th Streets

Burk Burnett made his first cattle drive from North Texas along the Chisholm Trail to Kansas in 1866. By 1871 he had begun to build the famous Four Sixes (6666) Ranch which became one of the largest cattle empires in the world. While drilling for needed water in 1911, oil was discovered on Burnett ranch land near the small community of Burkburnett. The town had become a “boom town” with a population of 20,000 by 1921, and it was said that one could walk across town on the tops of oil derricks to avoid the congested, muddy streets. Making Fort Worth his home, Burnett built a bank at this site. During his presidency of the Stock Show (1908-1922), the scope of the show expanded, the North Side Coliseum was built (1908) and the first indoor rodeo was held (1918). Burnett’s family continues to operate the 6666 Ranch and numerous cultural, civic and business interests.